[sylpheed:30250] Re: bogofilter

Ricardo Nabinger Sanchez rnsanchez at wait4.org
Thu Oct 26 05:00:34 JST 2006

On Wed, 25 Oct 2006 13:03:04 -0600
Bob White <bob at bob-white.com> wrote:

> before the change, Most of the span was properly classified as spam.
> This morning not a single spam was recognized as spam.

Odd.  I got the very opposite behavior.  Perhaps you don't use -u flag with
Bogofilter (-u is for auto-update accordingly to the message classification)?

I use, and I suspect that I've collected a bunch of missclassifications for a
while (in its database) and now things are getting "right" over here.

It's odd anyway.  :)

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