[sylpheed:30249] Re: bogofilter

Bob White bob at bob-white.com
Thu Oct 26 04:03:04 JST 2006

On Wed, 25 Oct 2006 13:54:27 -0300
Ricardo Nabinger Sanchez <rnsanchez at wait4.org> wrote:

> On Wed, 25 Oct 2006 09:36:26 -0600
> Bob White <bob at bob-white.com> wrote:
> > I understood the function of the options.  What's puzzling me is why
> > putting in those options completely killed my spam filtering over a 5
> > day period. I changed the "set as junk" and "set as not junk" commands.
> > I haven't changed the "Classifying command".  I'm using bogofilter -I.
> > It seems like that is the one that should be executed for the initial
> > classification on incoming mail.  Should it be modified?
> I didn't modify this, only the set as junk/not junk commands.  I still have
> "bogofilter -I" as the classifying command.
> What do you mean with "killed your 5-day spam filtering", that these changes
> messed up with your bogofilter database?
> Here I'm getting much less false-positives, and much more spam being caught
> (correctly).

Hi Ricardo,

before the change, Most of the span was properly classified as spam.
This morning not a single spam was recognized as spam.

Bob W.

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