[sylpheed:30240] Spam filtering question

Seth Kurtzberg seth at cql.com
Wed Oct 25 02:32:16 JST 2006


I'm using sylpheed 2.2.9, with spam filtering enabled.  I'm using the bogofilter configuration for spam filtering.

If I use either of the filter commands on the tools menu (either filter highlighted messages or filter messages in folder) the filtering works.  I would like filtering to occur automatically when an email is delivered (well, fetched in my case as I use IMAP).

On the common preferences, junk mail tab "enable junk mail" is checked.  Also checked are "filter messages classified as junk on receiving" and "delete junk mail from server on receiving."

Why doesn't the junk mail filtering occur until I request it from the tools menu?

Seth Kurtzberg

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