[sylpheed:30235] Folder list view

JoHnY sylpheed at 2600.cz
Tue Oct 24 18:40:58 JST 2006


is there any way how to set the folder list when moving or copying message to be collapsed by default? I have quite a lot of accounts in sylpheed and if I want to move a message to another folder I have to scroll all the way down through all my other accounts which are expanded with all folders to the account I am currently in. Or maybe if the cursor was at the current folder/account position, it would help, because the way it is now it's pretty inconvenient, but I haven't found a way how to change the default behaviour of the folder list. If I collapse all accounts and folders, they are all expanded again when I want to move or copy a message next time.
	bye, JoHnY.

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