[sylpheed:30230] Re: Can't read encrypted mails sent by Apple Mail

Alex Behringer alex at facile-IT.de
Tue Oct 24 03:16:31 JST 2006

Hi Enrico,

> I can read the contents if I send the block to gpg manually, so I
> guess it is intact. I think it is a Sylpheed bug because another
> friend got the same mails and he can read them with his KMail.
Sylpheed doesn't support Inline-PGP, only PGP/Mime. Just use actions as
a quick workaround:
"* gpg --no-tty --command-fd 0 --passphrase-fd 0 --decrypt %p"
AFAIK sylpheed-claws can handle Inline/PGP correctly.

If you're interested in this topic, search the mailarchive. This topic
is discussed frequently :)

Best regards,

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