[sylpheed:30222] Re: Feature request: two different browsers.

bojster sylpheed at bojster.net
Sun Oct 22 23:05:32 JST 2006

Guillermo Ramhort wrote:

> Regarding Keith suggestion, it worked out great. Now I have an HTML action that opens the message in a new browser tab, where I can see it with all the bells and whistles in case I needed so. But I would like to know to bind that action to a keystroke as he suggests, for example, Alt-H or simply 'H'.
> Best regards, Guillermo.

Normally, if you have "gtk-can-change-accels = 1" in ~/.gtkrc-2, you
would simply enter menu, hover the pointer over the menu entry and press
the desired key binding (e.g. H or Alt-H). But since it seems to have
stopped working at some point (I noticed you have gtk+2.8.6, it might
still work there, check it), here's the manual way:
In ~/.sylpheed-2.0/menurc find the line responsible for your menu entry
(for me it's, uncomment it (remove "; " from the beginning) and enter
the keystroke in the last pair of parentheses (e.g. "h" or "<Alt>h").

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