[sylpheed:30212] bogofilter

Ricardo Nabinger Sanchez rnsanchez at wait4.org
Sat Oct 21 08:47:37 JST 2006

The Bogofilter preset commands seems to be unoptimal, from what I understood
reading Bogofilter's documentation.  I had some hard times reclassifying some
mails (spam to not spam, and vice-versa), due to some odd "rank war".
However, if I change the commands to these:

	junk:     bogofilter -N -s -I
	not junk: bogofilter -S -n -I

I no longer have a rank war and things are almost always correctly
reclassified with a single run ("set message as junk/not junk" from the
Message menu).

If I understood correctly, when you use with Bogofilter and some message is
misclassified, you have to reclassify it both removing the wrong ranking (the
upper-case N/S option) and then giving it the correct rank (the lower-case

Not using the upper-case options lead to the necessity of reclassifying some
misclassified message lots of times (sometimes 20+ times), here.

Anyone confirms/refutes?

Ricardo Nabinger Sanchez     <rnsanchez@{gmail.com,wait4.org}>
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