[sylpheed:30220] Re: Open in browser

Gene Goldenfeld genegold at highstream.net
Sun Oct 22 21:25:40 JST 2006

Guillermo Ramhorst <gramhorst at fibertel.com.ar> wrote:

>Gene, I am actually refering to some newsletters that are published in 
>html format and have some refined formatting that it really makes sense 
>to view them from a browser (or a full featured client like thunderbird).
>You can subscribe to the lists at www.ibm.com/developerworks to look at 
>an actual sample. Nice resource of information, by the way.
>Gene Goldenfeld wrote:

Your initial post was that Sylpheed doesn't allow you to go directly
from a HTML email to a browser.  My experience is that has to do with
the newsletter - some do and some don't contain the needed link - and
not with Sylpheed except to the extent it doesn't support HTML.  The
site you mention has a text option for the newsletter.  Have you tried
that?  Typically, those will contain a link to the site or newsletter. 


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