[sylpheed:30218] Re: Feature request: two different browsers.

bojster sylpheed at bojster.net
Sun Oct 22 04:10:17 JST 2006

Keith Bates wrote:

> You can assign key strokes to an action. For example I use H (for HTML)
> to activate this action: opera -newpage -noraise %p  I'm not sure what
> the equivalent is for firefox (try firefox --help)

Thanks, I couldn't do it at first (the standard gtk way of doing this
stopped working somewhere around gtk+2.8), but I just edited menurc and
it works now. I did two separate entries, actually: one for opening the
whole message (firefox %p) and one for opening the highlighted text as
a link (firefox %s).

> You don't have to highlight anything, just hover the mouse over the
> link.

No, it doesn't work that way (neither with %s nor with %p). That's why
I would like this entry to appear in the context menu. Maybe I'll try
to fiddle with the config files manually...

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