[sylpheed:30207] Feature request: two different browsers.

bojster sylpheed at bojster.net
Sat Oct 21 06:24:19 JST 2006


I was actually supposed to post this a year ago, but I was too lazy...

I would like to be able to configure two different browsers for use
with the links: one for handling the clicked links, and another one to
use when I right-click the link and choose 'open with Web browser'.
My motivation is that I open most links with 'links -g' (it's light and
quick - perfect for just taking a glimpse at some website), but I would
like to open some of the links in Firefox; currently I accomplish that
by copy/paste, but it's not a very comfortable solution. I figured that
if there's this 'open with Web browser' anyway, it might as well work
a bit differently that a simple mouse click.

I realise that this feature might not be among the crucial needs of the
community, so I would greatly appreciate if someone just created
a simple patch for me and possibly some others (at least I hope it's
not a very hard thing to add).

Thanks in advance!

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