[sylpheed:30203] Two strange errors

John Coppens john at jcoppens.com
Sat Oct 21 04:32:38 JST 2006

Hello all.

1) I sent a test message to myself and got:

550 Error: No mail with this sender address allowed

I suspect this is soem kind of spam measure at the server? But, does this
mean I can't send mail to myself, such as leaving a message with some
todo item?

2) More important:

The Postfix program

<xxxxxx at freeelectron.net>: host flint.freeelectron.net[]
refused to talk to me: 550 HELO argument does not match calling host

Also a spam measure... But how do I solve this? My home machine has, of
course a different domain name as the SMTP server. AFAIK, the HELO (or
EHLO) is taken from the machine domain name. What is the 'calling host'?


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