[sylpheed:30469] When use "Update summary"/"Strict checking of... summary caches" ?

Daniel Déchelotte boite_a_spam at club-internet.fr
Thu Nov 30 20:58:28 JST 2006


Here are two things I do semi-regularly with my mails :
 * delete unneeded attached files
 * renumber the mails (with "folder -pack" from the nmh package)

I always exit sylpheed before doing so, and restart it afterwards.
No other applications ever touch my ~/Mail folder.

Do I need to "enable strick checking of the integrity of summary
caches" to let sylpheed notice the changes? What about forcing it
to update its summary? I can't figure what those items do.

Oh, and let me the first to suggest to integrate those features into
sylpheed. ;-)

-- Daniel

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