[sylpheed:30433] Re: Filter all messages from China

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Wed Nov 22 10:56:27 JST 2006

On Tue, 21 Nov 2006 21:51:40 +0100
Gil Andre <andre.g at wanadoo.fr> dijo:

> On Sun, 19 Nov 2006 00:20:01 -0800 John Jason Jordan <johnxj at comcast.net> wrote:
> > I don't speak Chinese. I don't know anyone in China. How can I filter
> > all messages that come from a Chinese address? Or better yet, how can I
> > filter all messages with Chinese characters in the subject field? And
> > while I'm at it, how about Indonesia, Singapore, and a number of other
> > places?
> I don't know if this works for chinese, but I have used the 
> following rule, and it seems to filter asian characters and
> asian spam pretty well:
> Search message subject and body for either "$B" or "$G".
> If a message is found, move it to the Trash immediately.
> You can also try to filter all domains ("From") that
> end with ".cn".

So you create a rule with four entries, two for subject and two for
message body, and put $B in two of them and $G in the other
corresponding two, right? Assuming I understood correctly, I just did
that. We'll see if it catches any.

> As an aside, I have about 55 rules configured in my filter
> list, and they catch 99.9% of all the spam I ever receive.
> Once you understand the filtering function of Sylpheed, it's
> fast and easy to get rid of spam...
> Hope this helps!

It certainly helps. What would be even more awesome is if you could
share your 55 rules. I've just started trying to use filtering. I've
got four rules, each with 50+ entries, and I'm catching only about 50%
of the spam. I've also enabled bogofilter, but it doesn't seem to be
working. Or if it's working, it's catching nothing. I've read the
documentation and I think I have it configured properly, but nothing
ever ends up in the Trash folder except from the rules that I have
created myself.

Thanks for your reply!

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