[sylpheed:30411] Multiple email accounts in Win2k installation problem

bj bj at kickasswebdesign.com
Thu Nov 16 02:18:54 JST 2006

Yes, I've read the documents, followed the directions, and played with 
this until I'm blue in the face.

I'm hoping you can help me.

I installed Sylpheed no problem and got it configured for my main email 
box and it's receiving and sending mail (SO FAST! Wow!) However, I seem 
to have a problem with configuring for additional email boxes. First I 
tried creating a new account. Did the edit thing so that all the pop and 
smtp stuff would be accurate for that account. No problem, but then I 
looked at the first account and found that all the settings for that 
account were now the same as the settings for the new account! So I 
deleted the new and fixed the old.

Then I tried first creating a folder for the new account and then 
creating the account and pointing it at the folder. Then when I opened 
the config/preferences for current account they were all for my original 
email account and not the new one. So I edited them. When I looked at my 
original account preferences for my original email account they had all 
been changed to those in the new account.

It seems I can only have one set of preferences in there that are going 
to work, no matter what I do!

I've tried this multiple ways now, and there MUST be some step or other 
I'm missing to get this working right. Since I'm absolutely in love with 
this speedy little email client I'm hoping you can help me fix things. 
Please save me from Thunderbird memleaks and ssslllooowwwness!

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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