[sylpheed:30410] Re: Sylpheed 2.2.10 released

Massimiliano Marini max at linuxtime.it
Wed Nov 15 17:06:22 JST 2006

> Changes:
>     * Win32: The bug that window position was reset when quitting
>       Sylpheed while window was hidden was fixed.
>     * Win32: The selection of the labels on the header view and the
>       alert dialog are now visible.
>     * Win32: The e-mail menu in the start menu now works when Sylpheed
>       is selected as a default mailer.
>     * Win32: The character corruption on printing when
>       environment-dependent Japanese characters are used was fixed.

Also I add :
      * Win32: The "count" of progress bar (when email contain big attachment)
	now work well

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