[sylpheed:30369] Re: Sylpheed 2.3.0beta4 released

Gene Goldenfeld genegold at highstream.net
Tue Nov 7 00:02:48 JST 2006

Ricardo Mones <ricardo.mones at gmail.com> wrote:
>> but are you aware there's a well-known Notification Area bug in XP?
>> It's common for items to switch view status without user action.
>> While it doesn't take a restart to fix, you won't know that the
>> reestablished status has really held without one.
>  I wasn't aware of any notification area bug, but doesn't surprise me.
>  Anyway this behaviour of Sylpheed didn't happened not in the beta1 ->
>beta2 neither in the beta2 -> beta3, hence my report.

Entirely possible, since the Windows bug is independent of Sylpheed and
has no obvious pattern concerning which icons are effected or when, at
least to those who haven't delved into the programming involved.
And maybe even those, since it's been raised frequently for years on MS
support forums but MS never fixed it.    


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