[sylpheed:30353] Strange behavior on FC6: can't select text on composition window

Andre Costa andre.ocosta at terra.com.br
Sat Nov 4 06:29:42 JST 2006


I am trying version 2.3.0b4, and just found out an unusual problem: I
cannot select text on the composition window -- not on the body panel,
not on the address text fields.

Holding shift and moving the cursor with the keyboard simply moves the
cursor (nothing is selected). If I select with the mouse text is
selected while I keep mouse button pressed (only on the address
fields: body text panel selects nothing); when I release it selection
disappears. Other GNOME apps behave as expected, so it should be
something specific to Sylpheed.

I can enter and modify text, though (as you can see by this message
you're reading ;-))

Can anyone else confirm this? GNOME version is 2.16.0



Andre Oliveira da Costa

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