[sylpheed:30345] Re: junk filtering not automatic

regisr regisr at pobox.com
Wed Nov 1 05:02:35 JST 2006

On Tue, 31 Oct 2006 16:27:32 -0300
Ricardo Nabinger Sanchez <rnsanchez at wait4.org> a écrit:

> with attachs, and a modest link (let's say with RTT of 100 ms).  From my
> experiences, you'll do whatever you need to much faster through webmail than
> through IMAP (using Sylpheed or any other MUA that supports IMAP).  The MUA
> will exchange the data it needs (message count, messages headers, ...), and
> every message that you want to open will have to be fetched.

With Sylpheed I can configure accounts on differents servers, read the
news, have access to my palm contacts -with JPilot when I can use it
again! but it is another thread... - and I have only one interface for
all mails. 
Webmails are not implemented for all mails servers or there are
integrated in portals.


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