[sylpheed:30343] Re: junk filtering not automatic

Ricardo Nabinger Sanchez rnsanchez at wait4.org
Wed Nov 1 04:27:32 JST 2006

On Tue, 31 Oct 2006 13:22:50 -0500
Seth Kurtzberg <seth at cql.com> wrote:

> I guess I must be missing something in this discussion.  Every web mail
> implementation I've dealt with is just an HTML wrapper around IMAP.

No, you're not lost.  :)

What you'll receive is server-side processed data, no matter what is the
underlying mail handling (IMAP, sockets, mailbox, ...).

Assume you have an account with IMAP and webmail access, some messages (100+)
with attachs, and a modest link (let's say with RTT of 100 ms).  From my
experiences, you'll do whatever you need to much faster through webmail than
through IMAP (using Sylpheed or any other MUA that supports IMAP).  The MUA
will exchange the data it needs (message count, messages headers, ...), and
every message that you want to open will have to be fetched.

Now imagine yourself trying to check only if someone replied "yes" or "no"
in a message cointaining a 50 MB attach, on a 16 KB/s link (that's a modest
(A)DSL link)...  :)

In case you don't have huge messages, but have lots os spam, IMAP filtering
inside Sylpheed would be very useful for people who don't have server access
to install server-side filters.  There is the danger of automatic downloading
all messages in order to filter them, of course.

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