[sylpheed:30339] Re: progress bar when sending seems not so "progressing" to me (Win32)

sm0oojzz+sylph at fastimap.com sm0oojzz+sylph at fastimap.com
Wed Nov 1 03:46:34 JST 2006

On Tue, 31 Oct 2006 18:36:10 +0200, "Cristian Secară"
<orice at secarica.ro> said:
> When sending a message, the progress bar appears something like
> on/off to me. Let's say it is difficult to observe on ordinary short
> messages, but when sending a long message, the progress bar is not
> showing, then program appears like not responding (Sending DATA...),
> then in the end the progress bar sudden fill at once.
> Is this the expected behaviour ?

When it happened to me, I was ready to force shutdown Sylpheed because I
thought it wasn't responding.  Fortunately I opened a utility that
showed me traffic was being sent from my workstation so I assumed the
progress bar wasn't functioning.  A fix would be nice.


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