[sylpheed:35464] Sylpheed 3.x for Mac OS X

Szabolcs Rumi rumi_ml at rtfm.hu
Fri Oct 5 19:54:18 JST 2012

Hi there,

I'm wondering whether somebody could help me out with a Sylpheed 3.x
(latest stable) .dmg package compiled for Mac OS X 10.5.8 (Leopard).

I'm trying to replace Thunderbird on an old Macmini running Leopard
on 1 GB of RAM with something that is not such a resource hog. As
I've been using Sylpheed on my Linux workstations continuously for
more than 10 years with great success, I thought it could be the
solution for this Mac as well - is actually used by a cute Japanese
goth girl at my current employer. :)

Could anybody please help?

I won't miss this opportunity to thank Hiroyuki-san and all other
contributors for their efforts on developing this great program.
Maybe you wouldn't mind an excerpt from the headers of the very
first message I ever sent using Sylpheed - proving my 10 years
"anniversary" exactly 2 weeks ago:

Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 13:35:01 +0200
X-Mailer: Sylpheed version 0.8.3 (GTK+ 1.2.10; i386-debian-linux-gnu)

And the project is still going strong - what a great achievement! :)


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