[pgpool-hackers: 435] Proposal: check_unlogged_table parameter

Junegunn Choi junegunn.c at gmail.com
Thu Jan 2 18:33:48 JST 2014

Hi, I'd like to suggest a new parameter called check_unlogged_table which is
very similiar to check_temp_table.

Our pgpool server with streaming replication backends handles many
sessions per second, and we've noticed that the master backend is running
of system catalog queries. This problem is alleviated when check_temp_table
set to 0, but the master server still consumes twice as much CPU time as the
slave, because of session-local checking for unlogged tables.

Since we're not planning to use unlogged tables, we'd like to avoid this
unnecessary cost, as we can do so for temp tables with check_temp_table
parameter. We've added the parameter to our fork of pgpool2. It would be
if it could be merged into the trunk.

Attached is the patch. The code is almost identical to that for
check_temp_table. Please take a look.

Junegunn Choi.
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