[sylpheed:37023] Easy user question how to re-retrieve imap mail

themikeinbaltimore at gmail.com themikeinbaltimore at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 22:50:20 JST 2021

Hi all,
Every once in a while my once daily IMAP sync/download fails to complete, and I see a number of messages are still on my server's Inbox.  I have a number of filters that run on them when I retrieve them and so it's not trivial to manually drag and drop these messages from the server inbox, but I can't find a way to re-retrieve them.  I tried the menu item 'download' but that doesn't appear to do anything.  I tried Mark- unset flags, Get All again, and just about every menu item that looked relevant.  

Also, I wonder if there is a searchable collection of these mailing list archives?  I ended up searching all of my local digests with sylpheed but I could not find any web based search index that would be more user friendly. 


 <themikeinbaltimore at gmail.com>

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