[sylpheed:36994] Re: Yahoo since 20 of October 2020 and Sylpheed

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 04:41:21 JST 2020


> I actually prefer not to use a Russian provider :/

There is nothing to fear, really.  My first e-mail, a
mail.ru accout, is still functional after 22 years, and it
is not nagging me with paranoid security notifications and
threats to disable access via traditional e-mail clients if
I don't use them for a time.  Switching to Gmail was a
mistake that I made for the same reason that decided to buy
a Macbook in 2007 -- hype. When Gmail came onto the scene, it
was an invite-only service, appealing to people's vanity:
the desire to belog to a private club, so to say...

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