[sylpheed:36924] Re: gmail auth problem

Ervin Peters ervin.peters at ervnet.de
Fri Jul 10 02:47:22 JST 2020

Maybe take a look in the log.

Yesterday gmail refused to loginto my account. In the Logfiles i Found
something like "Authentication from unknown device rejected, Please
login via Webinterface". After I logged into google via Web, the login
via sylpheed worked again.


Am Thu, 9 Jul 2020 19:38:44 +0200 schrieb "Xavier B."
<somenxavier at posteo.net>:

> I received an auth error when I want to connect to Gmail via IMAP4.
> This error is produced since 6h Jul. Can I do something to triage the
> error?
> Thanks in advance,
> Xavier

Ervin Peters
Herderplatz 12
D 99423 Weimar

Mobile: +49 172 2043926


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