[sylpheed:36841] Re: problem import maildir

Craig freecycle01 at pisquared.net
Sun Jun 16 05:01:38 JST 2019

On Sat, 15 Jun 2019 20:55:53 +0200 sacarde <sacarde at tiscali.it> wrote:

> I found a temporary personal solution:
> copy files by hand into target dir
> and execute: "for i in `ls` ; do mv $i $RANDOM ; done"
> after I read messages into sylpheed

Hopefully, $RANDOM won't come up with the same value twice, since man sh

	RANDOM Each time this parameter is referenced, a random integer
               between 0 and 32767 is generated.  The sequence of random
               numbers may be initialized by assigning a value to RANDOM.
               If RANDOM is unset, it loses its special properties, even
               if it is subsequently reset.

If you have more than 32768 emails, you WILL have a repeat.

BTW, I don't know how Sylpheed handles a mail number of zero.

If you want to have Sylpheed assign sequential numbers to your emails
according to date:

- in the directory (folder) tree, make another directory,
- go to that new directory,
- the email list of that new directory, click on date, so the contents
    of the directory will be sorted by date,
- go back to the directory containing your emails, click on date,
- type Ctrl-A to select all of the emails,
- click on one of the emails and hold,
- drag the email (and all of the others, since they are selected) to
    your new directory
- to move the emails back to the original directory, type Ctrl-A again
    and drag all of them back to the original directory.


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