[sylpheed:36825] Re: Windows - associate sylpheed to right click menu "send to mail recipient"

Javier sylfiger at gmx.com
Thu Jun 6 05:48:16 JST 2019

On Wed, 5 Jun 2019 20:57:22 +0200
Joe <joe.on.list at gmail.com> wrote:

> Did you remember if on your old w7 system the second way attachment
> approach worked properly?


Sorry to get in the middle.

The shortcut file in "Send to"? Perfectly. I just tested because,
first, 7 is not my main system and, second, I was curious how
impossible is being to you even making WScripts ;P (you are
complicating things too much). And it works. Just an .lnk with the
path to "Sylpheed.exe and --attach %1" parameters.

I haven't tested setting Sylpheed as default client, but, honestly,
because I don't do, I never have done that. The far I go is setting
mailto registry shell value to one of my mail clients.

Maybe I try it later night, when I close this one, but I don't see
why shouldn't work unless sendmail.dll (the one that listens to the
"Send to" option) is way too much linked to Outlook flavours.


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