[sylpheed:36782] address book buggy

diniz diniz at posteo.net
Wed Apr 3 16:26:11 JST 2019

While adding a contact in the address book, I had an  issue to just have the contact be taken into account to compose a message. I finally after some research found that we not only have to write address & remark, but must "add" the address in the list. Why is it so? Completely unusual and unintuitive, no? And why would we want add a whole list of addresses for the *same* contact? Why not several contacts instead? It's so rare anyway. [Being a designer myself, I often wonder what lives in other designers' minds...]

Finally, while doing so, the address book and the whole Sylpheed prog froze (once again). What's up? Is Sylpheed in a specially unstable phase nowadays?

I am also quite surprised that my own contacts are nested 2 levels down, under "personal addresses", itself under "address book" (actually 3 levels since I want them organised). Why is so? I understand that "collected addresses" is useful, but why nest users' addresses one more level down? Is there a way to remedy this problem?

And what's this "common addresses"? (No woed about that in the docs.) Am i supposed to share my client with other folks?

Shall I have to go back to thunderbird (which I happily left for Sylpheed)?

Would it be possible to use a personal contact book and have Sylpheed use it for message composition? (provided the data file format copies the original [xml] one) (I don't mean I will do it tomorrow ;-), and I will never do it if it must be in cpp!)

diniz <la vida e estranj>

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