[sylpheed:36730] Re: NEXT button when in empty folder

Frank Elsner frank at moltke28.B.Shuttle.DE
Wed Jul 18 23:59:34 JST 2018

On Wed, 18 Jul 2018 15:51:36 +0200 Till Kolditz wrote:
> Am Wed, 18 Jul 2018 06:58:41 -0600
> schrieb Craig <freecycle01 at pisquared.net>:
  [ ... ]
> > 
> > In Sylpheed on Linux, it's been implemented for a long time.

No, sorry to correct you Craig. Not in my sylpheed version 3.7.0

  [ ... ]

> Hi Craig, I can confirm the behavior on Windows, HOWEVER the "next" and "previous" buttons are disabled here when there
> are no mails in the current folder. I guess that the OP's desired behavior is to enable those buttons, or at least
> enable the same behavior as if there were mails in the current folder.



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