[sylpheed:36673] Global Search

ene at quantentunnel.de ene at quantentunnel.de
Sun Feb 25 18:02:44 JST 2018

Dear List,

first of all, thanks for the great program. I've been using it happily for years!

Lately, I added a university account, so now have more than one email account in parallel. Things tend to get mixed up between them; and so, when I search for a past message, I usually don't know which account it will be in.

Hence, would it be possible to enable a global search? I imagine something like a checkbox "global" next to the search field. When ticked, the search will be done across all of Sylpheed's folders, as opposed to just the one that is selected. One of Sylpheed's main attractions is its fast search (I have >20k messages, and search is close to instant still), so it would be nice to be able to make use of that for all folders at once.

Anyway, that's just a feature request. Let me know what you think; if that would be difficult to implement etc. In any case, thanks for all the work! :)


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