[sylpheed:36666] Re: Socket IO timeout error

Dennis Carr dennisthetiger at chez-vrolet.net
Thu Feb 8 15:05:23 JST 2018

On Wed, 7 Feb 2018 11:30:33 +0000 (UTC)
stef204 <notvalid at nomail.nul> wrote:

> Sylpheed Version 3.7.0beta1 (Build 1184)
> Linux x86_64
> Hi,
> I keep getting the same error message--and it is very frustrating as
> it makes checking mail a very long process....

It's not a Sylpheed problem *as such*, it's a services error - Sylpheed
is (unfortunately) along for the ride.

Socket timeouts are usually indicative of the server itself being
overtaxed with other connection requests.  You'll need to debug on the
server end - or if you're not root/admin/superuser/whatever, contact
whoever is in charge of supporting said server and see if they know

Another option to see if you can spot something funny is a tcpdump -
and stick that in wireshark. Both should be available in your
Linux distro. 

Having said this, I agree with you - when a server connection gets
stuck, there are no facilities in Sylpheed to bypass this.  I think a
better way would be to run a bit of something that essentially "forks"
the server interaction into their own process.  This is, of course, up
to Yamamoto-san if he wishes to bring this into Sylpheed.


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