[sylpheed:36697] Thanks and a wish for the next version

Joachim Selinger selinger at bawue.de
Sun Apr 29 05:24:35 JST 2018

Hello Hiroyuki,

it is time to say thanks again to you for my 16 years of using
Sylpheed as my only mail client at home!

domo arigatou gozaimasu どうも 有難う 御座います

As with all good things, sometimes, there is a wish still open.

What I would like to use is a "quick filter" that is not executed upon
mail reception, but only when I initiate it. It should be possible to
place this in the toolbar with a customized icon.  The idea behind
this is, that for my most frequent mail contacts, I would like to move
the mail from in the inbox to the right folder (and at the same time
marking them unread) with just one quick click of the mouse or with a
keyboard shortcut after reading them in the inbox. At most, I would
need this for up to 10 filters, I guess.

Regular filters are always executed upon receving mails and therefor
are not right for me.

Is this already there and I missed it? If not, maybe it can go to the
wish list for the future.

I am not complaining :-)

Thanks again for an excellent mail client
Joachim F. Selinger        /  \ /  \/\ /\/  \              ___
Brunhildenweg 4           /    \/\ /  \  \/\ \              |
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