[sylpheed:36627] automatic mark as read when aut- selected

Merlin Büge merlinbuege at web.de
Tue Oct 3 21:32:00 JST 2017

I also have a question:

When I delete some mail(s) in my INBOX, they are moved
to TRASH and the next message gets auto-selected and previewed.
Unfortunately, if this message is marked unread, it gets marked as

I find this inconvenient when having e.g. 5 new message in my
INBOX, and want to delete the first two, but keep the other three as
unread (to reply to them later). At the moment I always mark
that auto-selected message as unread again manually.

Any ideas?

Thanks, and have a nice day,


Merlin Büge <merlinbuege at web.de>

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