[sylpheed:36532] search function in address book

Rien Mertens rien at mertensmaatwerk.nl
Wed Mar 8 20:19:55 JST 2017

I sometimes want to search for the address of soemone I have added to the addressbook in Sylpheed.

I don't get to the line where that address is; instead it just shows (part of) the e-mail address.

I would like to get straight to the found name, where I can click to see the user attributes to find the address of that person?

Instead all of the names are hidden once I use a search, only the found e-mail address is shown in the search result. But that is normally not needed at all, the mail adress is allready shown in a list of possible matches while starting to type in the to mail field.
Instead I use search to find a persons living address as one of the user attribute fields.

Maybe something to think about, and adding as functionality?

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