[sylpheed:36572] Re: Seg fault when reading directory with a large number of messages

Dennis Carr dennisthetiger at chez-vrolet.net
Tue Jun 13 15:14:29 JST 2017

On Mon, 12 Jun 2017 06:28:29 -0500
Rich Coe <rcoe at wi.rr.com> wrote:

> A crash in malloc usually means that some code has overwritten it's
> boundries and the structures that malloc uses to manage the heap have
> been corrupted.

Either the malloc arena is too small, the blob I'm loading is too big,
or something went wild. 
> I would use valgrind to find the culprit.

The output is pastebinned to here:


...and will expire in 3 months.

Thanks for your help on this, Rich.


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