[sylpheed:36601] Re: Gmail and sent messages

Rien Mertens rien at mertensmaatwerk.nl
Fri Jul 14 15:47:20 JST 2017

> > > They (Google) do backup of every mail that passes through their SMTP server to the sent folder.
> > 
> > So? 
> > If thats true, and the only reason (not unlikely) than that is also 
> > the answer how to avoid this to happen.
> > Just use the SMTP server from your own internet provider, instead of 
> > the one from Gmail, and Gmail won't know about you sending a message,
> > if the send mail copy is stored local in a not by imap shared map? 
> Hi,
> and then comes Domain-keys and other "security" features to reject
> mails that don't come from the MX/SMTP of the domain used by the
> sender.
> Anyway, not all ISPs offer mail service; it's not being paranoid
> about privacy or anything else, it is just a behavior that shouldn't
> happen unless (or at least configurable), for example, using IMAP and
> choosing to use the server sent folder as the folder to store them by
> yourself, so, as said, an unrequested feature; also I misunderstood
> his question, what he wanted was to avoid Sylpheed keeping a
> duplicate of the sent mail, even though who duplicates them is Google.

There more reasons to stop using Google mail, like the stange new 'feature' that they decided that you want a label "Important" and others, like promoting html mail, and standard hiding the signature.

> Note, too, that Sylpheed (3.4.3 at least) doesn't recognize the Sent
> folder in the Gmail folder structure as the sent folder because (this
> is my guess) it doesn't belong to the first branch of the server
> folder tree. So is Google who does everything on its own.
> Regards.

That is indeed not a nice feature of Sylpheed, one sent folder (for every account?) would be OK.

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