[sylpheed:36537] Sylpheed sometimes replies to the wrong message

Stefan Vorkoetter stefan at capable.ca
Sat Apr 1 05:45:35 JST 2017

I've been using Sylpheed for a few months, and really like it (was a Thunderbird user for a LONG time before that). But, I have found a bug. :-)

I have my main mail folder set to sort by the "Unread" column (the one with the little envelope). If I click on an unread message, it is marked as read, and moves up to be above all the other unread messages, as it should. The message selection highlight moves with it, as it should, and the message is displayed, as it should be. However, if I now reply to the message, Sylpheed replies to the message that has moved into the location previously occupied by the message I'm looking at. Clicking to another message and then back fixes this.


Stefan Vorkoetter

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