[sylpheed:36447] Re: Export Mail Data Filename

Cristian Secară liste at secarica.ro
Sat May 21 00:08:43 JST 2016

În data de Fri, 20 May 2016 07:43:43 +0100, Graham Bentley a scris:

> Sorry if this has been asked before but is it possible to export
> message data in .eml format but with the message subject as the
> filename?
> Having just 1.eml, 2.eml isn't too helpful...

Trying to save your message (File > Save As...) will prompt me to save
the message with filename
which actually is the message subject. Not sure what happens when
trying to save messages from a longer discussion (other than Sylpheed
mailing list), where the subject becomes the same after the first
"Re: ..."; pperhaps the system will append (1) (2) etc. ? I didn't
tried on my Windows (Vista).

Do you mean bulk saving or what else ?

> in fact if the date could be appended also that would be even more
> useful :)
> Perhaps a selection of Subject/From/Date?

Probably this might be a good idea for implementation (feature
request) but I don't think that it can be implemented right in the final
save dialog, where whatever string should be parsed already (just a
guess here).


Cristian Secară

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