[sylpheed:36474] Re: export address Book

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Sun Jun 26 05:05:46 JST 2016

Raphael Burquet:
> Anton Shepelev:
> > Raphael Burquet:
> >
> > > people I need to export my AB, but how...!!!!
> >
> > It   is   already  stored  in  plain  XML  files
> > (addrbook*.xml) in Sylheed's  config  directory.
> > You  can safely copy or move it between Sylpheed
> > installations.  Or is it for some other  purpose
> > that you need to export your address book?
> export  to  my AB phone mobile samsung galaxy mini
> from 2011.

Then you outght to have said it in the initial post,
giving  a link to the specification of Samsung's ad-
dress book format.  For example, if it is  based  on
XML,  you could process Sylpheed's address book with
an XSLT.

Anton Shepelev

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