[sylpheed:36468] Re: rename mailbox

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Sat Jun 25 20:21:53 JST 2016

> Anton Shepelev:
> > Raphael Burquet:
> >
> > > why I can't rename mailbox ?
> >
> > That  is  the  centralized mail folder unique to
> > each Sylpheed configuration (see the --configdir
> > commandline parameter), so there is no practical
> > reason to rename it. You  can,  however,  change
> > its location on the hard drive.
> Hm,    I    once    renamed    my   mailbox.    In
> ~./Sylpheed-2.0/folderlist.xml (don't know the lo-
> cation  in Windows) you'll also have to change its
> old name into its new name,  near  the  beginning,
> where it says:
> <folderlist>
>  <folder type="mh" name="Mail" path="/home/<user>/<name_of_mailbox>">

Indeed.   I  missed  it because in my folderlist.xml
its name is empty, but I was able to change it:

  1.  close Sylpheed,
  2.  modify folderlist.xml, and
  3.  restart Sylpheed.

In Windows,  the  Sylpheed  configuration  directory
seems to be located at:

  %homedrive%%homepath%\Application Data\Sylpheed

which  is  overriden  by  the configdir parameter in
sylpheed.ini, which in  turn  yields  to  Sylpheed's
--configdir commandline parameter.  I like to speci-
fy the latter in the label properies.

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