[sylpheed:36435] Threads and sorting by date

James D. Amberger jim at jimamberger.name
Mon Apr 11 00:31:28 JST 2016

Hello all,

Apologies if this is a known issue/addressed elsewhere but I'm about to get on
a plane and wanted to jot this down before I forgot about it. 

If you have enabled threading and you sort by date, the threads seem to get
sorted by the first message in the thread, rather than the most recent. This
seems like not the behavior most users would expect/desire. 

PS This is my first post to the list but I've been using Slypheed for a while
now and can say it's the no-nonsense GUI client I've always wanted, so thanks. 

James D. Amberger <jim at jimamberger.name>

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