[sylpheed:36348] Re: how do I set to plain text ?

Javier meresponde2001-sylpheed at yahoo.es
Sun Sep 13 03:55:40 JST 2015

On Sat, 12 Sep 2015 08:42:46 +1000
Marg M <genknut at iinet.net.au> wrote:

> I cant find where I set this program to plain text ??
> In OE there is a Format icon for either plain or rich text ( HTML)  I got a couple of emails yesterday that were videos ........ nearly unreadable
> Has to be a way of fixing this ????
> HELP please


Sylpheed shows the incomming mails as plain-text.

When the mail is HTML only, you can set if you want to view it as
text. This could become the unreadable you are talking about. But
still you'll have a button to open it with the browser, for example,
or save it. 

If it is multipart (plain text and HTML), you'll see a button in the
top right, in the toolbar area, to switch to plain text or HTML.

When is HTML only, you can set in Settings > Common settings > View
tab > Message tab to view it as text, without any HTML formatting.
(As I have Sylpheed in another language, the above location may be
slightly different (I'm just translating on the fly)).

When sending mails, Sylpheed doesn't use HTML formatting. Just to
mention it.


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