[sylpheed:36369] Problem displaying number of new messages

Frantz de Germain Frantz.de-Germain at info.univ-angers.fr
Thu Oct 22 20:29:30 JST 2015


I'm using sylpheed 3.4.2 compiled by myself on an Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS, in
a fluxbox session via XDMCP.

Since I've done a "rebuild folder tree" yesterday, when I do a "Message >
Receive > get from current account", parent folders in the folder view are
not any more displayed in red* when new mails are found in sub-folders, it is
very annoying since I've a lot of folders and sub-folders. 

* and all the numbers in the 3 numbers columns remains to 0 for all folder
that have sub-folders.


Frantz de Germain
Département Informatique UFR Sciences / DDN
Université d'Angers

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