[sylpheed:36370] Sylpheed will not decrypt inline

T.iRL t.irl at bk.ru
Thu Nov 5 07:20:31 JST 2015

I had been having issues with Sylpheed doing inline decryption since I installed it from source. During the install, from source, Sylpheed also broke the Clawsmail inline decryption that had previously been working. That being said, I installed the Clawsmail 3.13.0 and some libraries, and Claws decrypts inline again now.

I need to get Sylpheed working, though, because I need the per account proxy support.

I am using Sylpheed 3.5.0beta3 from source on a Debian Jessie based distro. I am using gnupg-2.0.29, gpa-0.9.9, gpgme-1.6.0, libassuan-2.3.0, libgcrypt-1.6.4, libgpg-error-1.20, libksba-1.3.3, pinentry-0.9.6.

Sylpheed will encrypt and sign perfectly - it just refuses to do inline decryption.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. There are no error messages and everything else works fine, including signature verification.
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