[sylpheed:36256] Re: Archive and restore issue

Craig freecycle01 at pisquared.net
Fri Jan 9 14:35:27 JST 2015

On Fri, 9 Jan 2015 00:31:15 +0100 "Elabo" <elabo at countermail.com> wrote:

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> Again thank you for being persistent with me.
> > I presume you mean, "this is odd because I never empty the trash ... "
> > Sylpheed's syntax is that when an email is deleted from another
> > directory it is put in the trash (as evidenced by the "Delete" button
> > on the menu bar).
> So even though not every email is put in the trash  - it automatically
> sequences numerically as they enter the trash? Yes? 

As I said,

      When an email is moved to a new directory, it is given the number
      that is the highest number in the directory plus 1.

That applies to all directories. Trash is a directory.

The numbers are assigned to the files in the trash in the order you
deleted them, NOT in date order.

> If so then while I would expect to see some missed numbers (I sometimes
> get an attachment which is virus so after I delete it to trash I then
> delete from trash) but not as many as I am seeing. 
> > Click on the column heading "No." to sort the emails according to
> > number. Now you can see if any numbers are missing. If there are
> > numbers missing it's because they weren't backed-up/copied correctly.
> Ok I did this. And this is VERY odd. You see for example, from 25 jan
> 2013 it then goes to one email in june 2014 and then picks up in Nov
> 2014. The last number of 25 jan 2013 is 6381. Then the one email in
> june 2014 is 6401 and then Nov is 6402 etc

Again, the numbers for the files in the trash directory are assigned in
the order you deleted them, NOT in date order.

> I do not delete my trash

> but it may be something got lost between jan 2013 and june 2014 because
> of file corruption (?) but the numbers seems very small (only 20!?) if
> that were the case. But it does not make any sense that between june
> 2014 and then nov 2014 that the number are consecutive.

If you deleted the files in the date order in which they were received,
then the numbers in the trash directory would be in date order, too.

> I definitely deleted to trash and did not remove from trash. If back up
> problem or something like that the numbers SHOULD NOT be consecutive!?

It all depends on what happened. I cannot really figure out what happened
to your system at this distance. If random files were lost because of any
of a multiple of possible problems (I've had flash drives go bad before,
too), then you would expect the file numbers to be non-consecutive.


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