[sylpheed:36254] Re: Archive and restore issue

Craig freecycle01 at pisquared.net
Fri Jan 9 01:54:22 JST 2015

On Wed, 7 Jan 2015 02:12:58 +0100 "Elabo" <elabo at countermail.com> wrote:

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> Thank you for your continued help. I look at the dir but the files are
> simply numbered. There are gaps in those numbers  - it does not go 1,
> 2, 3 etc but 1234 1236 1389 etc etc. I cannot see a pattern.
> I am not sure if this is because of course not every original email is
> put in the trash (so the sequence maybe is based on the original emails
> meaning that the trash will never have exact sequenced numbers) or if
> they are missing something.
> But if missing - this is odd because I never delete, always back up and
> restore from stable backups

I presume you mean, "this is odd because I never empty the trash ... "
Sylpheed's syntax is that when an email is deleted from another directory
it is put in the trash (as evidenced by the "Delete" button on the menu

When an email is moved to a new directory, it is given the number that is
the highest number in the directory plus 1. Thus, the emails in the trash
directory should be numbered 1, 2, 3, ...

Note that the numbering will be in the order in which the emails were
deleted, not by date.

Click on "Trash" in the directory tree and then click on "View" in the
menu bar. Pull down to "Set display item..." and click on it. In the
"Summary display item setting" window that pops up, highlight "Number" if
it isn't already, and then click the right-pointing arrow in the grey
strip between the two white sub-windows. Then click "Ok". Sylpheed will
now have an added column in the email listing pane that shows the numbers
corresponding to each email.

Click on the column heading "No." to sort the emails according to number.
Now you can see if any numbers are missing. If there are numbers missing
it's because they weren't backed-up/copied correctly.

(Or, you could sort your directory listing by name instead of date.)


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