[sylpheed:36210] Re: Always Start in Offline Mode?

Carlos Albert discomakberto at inbox.com
Wed Oct 29 18:46:16 JST 2014

Dear all,

Thanks for all the responses.

Ricardo says, as it pertains to the on/off connectivity icon: "For Sylpheed
it just means it will try (online) or will not try (offline) to make a
connection. Nothing else". Thank you for this information. As it pertains to
it, why doesn't then Slypheed say so? Instead of displaying something like
"You are online now" or "You are not online now", don't you think it would
be better to display something like "We are trying to connect" or "We are
not trying to connect" following what you are saying in your statement? If
you are right, and I think you are, I am of the opinion that my words (or
something in that vein) are better. And this would definitely help beginners
like myself. Okay, maybe this is something taken for granted by experienced
users, but again, it would help beginners. 

In response to Javier, yes, there is way in Thunderbird to always start in
offline mode. If I recall correctly, this is not done via any button but via
the configuration file.

Carlos Albert
Disco Makberto

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