[sylpheed:36195] Compilation errors - openSUSE 12.3/13.1

Roger Pryor rjpryor at infoserve.net
Sat Oct 11 07:18:02 JST 2014


I am unable to build libsylph-1.1.0 or sylpheed 3.4.2

libsylph-1-1.0 fails with the error:

/usr/include/glib-2.0/glib/gmacros.h:32:2: error: #error "Only <glib.h>
can be inculded directly."

sylpheed 3.4.2 builds but crashes - errors are:

Warning plugon.c:199 signal 'inc-mail-start' not found
Warning plugin.c:199 signal 'inc-mail-finished' not found
undefined symbol; ro_human_readable_buf

This sitiuation exists on both openSUSE 13.1 and and newly installed
version 12.3.   It was working well under 12.3 prior to the reinstallation.
I tried copying libsylph from the old installation's /usr/lib64 and
sylpheed from the old /usr/local/bin.  This did not work either. 

Any assistance would be appreciayed

Roger Pryor
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

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