[sylpheed:36060] Italian translation

notfreebeer notfreebeer at openmailbox.org
Fri May 9 08:03:55 JST 2014

first off let me thank you for this nice mail client. I installed it few
days ago, and i find it very fast, lightweight and responsive... perfect for my
daily needs, so i have just decided to stick with it.
Using sylpheed localized in italian language, anyways, i have noticed some
untranslated strings, some badly (i guess fuzzy) translated ones and some typos.
I'd like to ask if anyone is already working on it, because if not, i'd be
happy to help out translating the italian version.
If you want, i can start grabbing the italian .po from the repo, and begin
translating. Let me know if i can be helpful...

Best wishes!
Keep up the good work!

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