[sylpheed:36098] [ANNOUNCE] Sylpheed 3.5beta1 released

Hiroyuki Yamamoto hiro-y at kcn.ne.jp
Tue Jun 17 19:25:10 JST 2014


Sylpheed 3.5beta1 (development version) has been released.

In this release, the GTK+ library included in the Windows version was
updated, and many UI improvements were made.

(I have fixed most of regression introduced by this update, but some
minor issues may still exist.)

On Unix, lockf()(fcntl()) now has priority over flock() for NFS-safe
mbox locking.


  * Configure: silent rules are enabled by default.
  * Configure.in was renamed to configure.ac.
  * Fade effect was added to the notification window.
  * Sylpheed.desktop file was updated.
  * Mbox locking became NFS-safe (#202).
  * Win32
      - Win32: build fix for newer MinGW was made.
      - Win32: 32-bit time_t is always used on win32 for backward
      - Win32: included third-party libraries were updated:
          - GTK+ 2.24.23
          - GLib 2.38.2
          - GDK-Pixbuf 2.30.7
          - Pango 1.36.3
          - Cairo 1.10.2
          - libpng 1.14.13
          - GPGME 1.4.3
      - Win32: the following issues were fixed because of GTK+ update:
          - System Icon issue when ran on Windows 7 (#13, #85)
          - Scroll jumping issue on text views when using Japanese IME
          - Menus became more native-looking
          - File dialogs were improved

Hiroyuki Yamamoto <hiro-y at kcn.ne.jp>
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